Fall Slowdown in Real Estate? Not so fast…..

DSCN7173It’s officially fall, bringing with it cooler temperatures, changing colors and a presumed end to the “busy summer real estate season.” Contrary to popular belief, the fall real estate market is plenty busy, with buyers and sellers eager to strike a deal before winter sets in.

Don’t believe us? Check out this article by Deena Weinberg explaining some of the reasons for a strong fall market: Buying a Home in Fall

If you are looking to buy vacant land, it truly is the best time of year to explore your options and be able to get a feel for the lay of the land. When the leaves are down, you can see the potential views and it is easier to visualize where to site your dream home or cabin.

In addition to a busy market, there are plenty of reasons to head up the shore this season: Hiking through the forests with leaves in multitudes of yellows, oranges and reds; Fishing some of Minnesota’s premier lakes as fish become more aggressive and predictable before bedding down for winter; Camping without the heat of summer (and the bugs that come with it!) are just a few. For more ideas for your fall trip up north, check out Visit Cook County’s North Shore Fall Bucket List.

While you’re up, stop in to Coldwell Banker North Shore, and see what’s new on the market! We are happy to help you find your Northwoods Getaway!


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